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You are needed! It takes many dedicated Lightworkers like YOU
to activate the collective energy of Peace Love Unity NOW.

We are living in a time when many of us are awakening to a calling to step up and be the change. The time is NOW to gather together and bring in the energy of Peace, Love and Unity to help transition the world to a better way of being.

How to help:  If you can help with the 2018 event, please let us know on our Facebook page or by email.

The organizer of this event was given direct guidance that this gathering is to be offered in service by those who feel led to assist. Here’s how you can help:

  • Technical and graphic design assistance with website
  • Help with promotion, communications and directional materials
  • Identify and help solicit speakers who would like to contribute to the event
  • Help with nonprofit status
  • Assist with event coordination at all levels
  • Help with obtaining necessary permits
  • Help secure and coordinate stage set up and sound system
  • Event day assistance with program coordination, crowd direction, event flow and clean up
  • Grassroots promotion to interested communities
  • Social Media promotions
  • Use #PeaceLoveUnityNOW in social media promotions
  • Register to attend this free event in 2018! Join our Facebook group for date, location and details as they become available.